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Non-Profit Efforts of Shot Aces

Shot Aces advocates for proper gun safety and training, especially self defense training for those who are less physically able to defend themselves.

Efforts In The Disabled Community:
Shot Aces donates funds, time, server space, programming, and website management assistance to disability resource websites and services. One major project includes a disability resource used by colleges and universities around the world, called Disability Scholarships A-to-Z.

Efforts Helping Las Vegas Youth:
Shot Aces has provided free firearms safety trainings and advanced shooting management trainings for youth groups and Boy Scouts of America troops in Las Vegas. Shot Aces firmly believes that proper firearm knowledge and training, especially at a young age, will help individuals correctly protect themselves and those around them, throughout their lives.

Shot Aces currently doesn't directly offer any college or university scholarships, but instead assists and supports other foundations and companies in offering their scholarships. In the future, Shot Aces plans to offer college and university scholarships directly, and the details of those scholarships will be added here once they become available.